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Comfortable to Wear

Length Gains

Low Price


Value for Dollar

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The X4 Labs extender is without doubt the most comfortable penis stretcher I have used (of the 5 different types I have tried over the years). The level of comfort is more important than most people may think. The more comfortable a stretcher is to wear, the longer you will wear it, and the more gains you will see in shorter time. Using the X4 Labs extender (specifically, the Deluxe Edition), I was able to gain 1.05 inches in erect length during the first half year.

The traditional type of penis stretcher typically uses a silicone noose to stretch out the penis, a design that can choke off blood flow and pinch the penis to cause discomfort and even pain. In contrast, the X4 Labs penis stretcher first cushions your penis with a layer of memory foam and then uses a comfort strap to secure your cushioned penis to the device, which makes it very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.

Another benefit of the X4 Labs stretcher is that it is cheaper than other penis stretchers in its class. You can choose from several different editions. The cheapest version is the Starter Edition, which can only let you gain up to 7” flaccid length. If you are aiming to go past 7” flaccid, the Deluxe Edition is recommended (this is the one I used and experienced great results with. I’ll talk more on the different editions further down this page.)

The manufacturer of the X4 labs stretcher is so confident in the satisfaction of their customers that they offer a solid money-back guarantee, which offers to refund your money if you have used the stretcher for half a year without seeing results. Note that this money-back guarantee is not offered with the Starter Edition, which is yet another reason to go with the Deluxe Edition (or above).

In conclusion, the X4 Labs stretcher will get you the most gains in the shortest time with the most comfort for a low price. Considering these advantages, I assign the X4 Labs stretcher a rating of five stars out of five.

To check out the X4 Labs Extender, please click here. To find out about the different editions available and how you should choose, keep reading below!

The XL Labs extender is available in 4 major editions: Starter, Deluxe, Gold (also known as Gold Deluxe), and Gold Premium. To see a comparison of these editions please go to this page.

Major differences across the editions are as follows:
1)surface finish (brass nitin or 24 karat gold) – the gold option is for guys with sensitive skin
2)tension level – the larger the tension, the higher the traction, and the more gains you will achieve
3)warranty period – more advanced editions come with longer warranty periods
4)spare parts and free bonuses included – more advanced editions come with more spare parts and bonuses.

Starter Edition:
-Potential length achieved: 7 inches flaccid
-Description of stretcher: comfort strap with memory foam, brass-nitin surface finish, 1500-gram tension springs
-Free bonuses: $25 gift certificate (for future purchase of spare parts and accessories), instructional CD
-Warranty period: 1 year
-Cost: $124.95 (with coupon code DISC75)

Comments – The Starter Edition stretcher will only give you up to 7 inches flaccid length. If you wish to go past this length, you will need additional extension rods, which you can get with the Deluxe Edition. (Just in case you still want to check out the Starter Edition, you can do so here.)

Deluxe Edition:
- Potential length achieved: 12” flaccid
-Stretcher Description: penis extender that can be used with either the silicone noose or the comfort strap (also called the hybrid system); stretcher comes with extension bars, silicone nooses and memory foams, extra comfort straps, brass-nitin finish, 1500-gram tension springs
-Free bonuses: instructional CD, $25 gift certificate
-Warranty period: 5 years
-Cost: $220.95 (with coupon code DISC75)

Comments – I personally bought and used the Deluxe Edition. This edition is also the most popular amongst X4 Labs customers. The Deluxe Edition comes with extension bars (not present in the Starter Edition) that will allow you to gain up to 12 inches flaccid length. Also, the Deluxe Edition stretcher is designed in such a way that you can use either the silicone noose (with memory foam) or the comfort strap (with memory foam) with it. I personally prefer the comfort that comes with the comfort strap setup, but apparently the silicone noose is easier to attach to the device although it is less comfortable to wear. Generally speaking, if you’re planning to wear the stretcher for long durations, the comfort strap should serve you better.

Gold Edition:
-Potential length achieved: 13.5 inches flaccid
-Description of stretcher: hybrid system (same as in the Deluxe Edition), but with 24k gold finish and 1800-gram tension springs; includes the spare parts in the Deluxe Edition plus the following extra spare parts – 2 silicone nooses with memory pads, 2 comfort straps with memory pads
-Free bonuses: instructional CD, $50 gift certificate, Better Sex Guide DVD Set, membership to PenisAccess.com penis exercises
-Warranty: lifetime
-Cost: $320.95 (with coupon code DISC75)

Comments: The Gold Edition stretcher is made of non-allergenic materials and comes with extension bars that are coated with 24k gold. If you have sensitive skin, then this edition will be ideal for you. Personally I decided that the Deluxe Edition was good enough for me with the potential of achieving up to 12” flaccid. The Gold Edition can help you to gain up to 13.5” flaccid but to me this is too long and may cause inconvenience during sex. However, if you have sensitive skin, desire the extra gain, and like the extra bonuses, then feel free to go for the Gold Edition.

Gold Premium:
-Potential length achieved: 15.5” flaccid
-Description of stretcher: 3-in-1 hybrid design that can accommodate the comfort strap OR silicone noose OR “custom loop fastening” (which provides more support and comfort than the other two); comes with 24-karat gold finish and 2100-gram tension springs; comes with all spare parts in the Gold Edition plus these extras – 2 comfort straps with memory foam pads, 4 loop-fastening bands, 2 silicone nooses with memory foam pads
-Bonuses: instructional CD, $50 gift certificate, girth edition base, Better Sex Guide DVDs, PenisAccess.com exercise membership, training lubricant, extender cleanser, topical spray to enhance sexual performance
-Warranty period: lifetime
-Cost: $420.95 (with coupon code DISC75)

Comments: The Gold Premium Edition is the only one that has the “custom loop fastening” design, which is supposed to give the most comfort and support compared to the comfort strap / silicone noose designs in the other editions (I said “supposed” because I haven’t used this edition of stretcher myself.) This edition offers 2100 grams of tension, which is the highest amongst all editions and will help you to achieve gains of up to 15.5 inches flaccid. If you feel that you need this degree of gains and the extra comfort, and has a big enough budget, you have reason to consider the Gold Premium Edition. However, if you feel that 12 inches flaccid is long enough, and if you don’t have sensitive skin that would justify getting the gold-plated finish, then the Deluxe Edition may be what you need for much less money.

Aside from the 4 editions listed above, also available is the Peyronie’s Edition, which can be used to rectify penis curvature. This edition will straighten your penis using a combination of a penis stretcher and Vitamin-E Boost pills. You can check out the Peyronie’s Edition here.

No matter which of the above editions you pick, there are several additional options you can choose from to add to your order. If your penis is relatively short (as small as 2.2” flaccid), consider including a mini support to achieve a better fit. If your penis has large girth, you may need to get a girth base to accommodate the larger girth. If you desire more physical support for your penis, which will result in more gains and more comfort, then you should get the quad support piece which will allow you to strap down your penis with 2 comfort straps or 2 silicone nooses instead of one. On top of providing better support, this quad support will also prevent the slippage that occasionally happens with the default support.


Meets CE Safety Standard for Medical Class I Device


Free shipping to US and Canada, in discreet packaging

Refund Policy:

If you have used the stretcher for half a year without seeing gains, you get a complete refund. (This policy is only valid for the Deluxe Version and above.)

Customer Support:

Live Chat, Phone, Email, and Online Forum

Click here to check out the X4 Labs Extender.

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